Heroine Classic

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Enjoy riding with the freedom and wide field of vision of an open face Hedonist but with a greater protection for your pretty face. The HEROINE CLASSIC can be worn with sunglasses, goggles or with one of our snap on visors and our Sun Peaks which are also compatible with our Hedonist range.

Hed-Armour lining

3 channels ventilation system

Ultra light and low profile shell

ECE 2205 and DOT certified

One of the prettiest and most substantial gift card you will ever give to your loved ones. Hand crafted out of wood and leather, this gift card will win and touch anybody’s heart. Each wooden gift card comes with a cute little Hedon shopping bag to present it in. 

If you would like to add personal greeting at the back of the gift card it will be an extra fee of £20. Please add your message of maximum  20 characters during checkout in the ”additional information” section.

This gift card voucher can ONLY be redeemed through our Hedon webshop and not anywhere else.

This price is NOT inclusive of the shipping fee of the items redeemed by this gift card from our shop to the destination. Please select whether you would also like to cover the shipping costs ( flat fee of £20 ) to wherever the beneficiary’s destination may be. 

Free shipping for the gift card to the purchaser or recipient.

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